Sun March 1st

The long-awaited day of lifting and lightening, as spring pushed winter away on a blustery west wind, the sky brightened, and the cloud layer lifted and broke.  Ragged sunshine all day, with a scatter of heavy showers, some with rainbows, even double rainbows.  9C max but with a distinct wind chill, and a big temperature dip during showers.  3mm in my rain gauge. 

National Rookery Lift-off Day, at last!  They kicked off big time, including my village rookery (one pair built 2/3rds of a nest in the oaks above the little green chapel today).  Visited a daughter in Moreton in Marsh, Cotswods. Mrs O drove, so I could look at the rooks.  We passed at least a dozen rookeries, all kicking off splendidly, even building late into the afternoon (usually they stop around lunchtime).  I also saw five hares in cereal fields, which is mega for Glos.  No fieldfares or redwings, I think they’ve gone again.

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